Membership Enquiry

We are an Off-Road club that for the last 29 years have used our Jeeps for their intended purpose, 4wdriving! Most trips can result in bush scratches, mud inside & out, with the possibility of a ding here and there, but a guarantee of a smile on your face.

Being family friendly & a social bunch that run trips/runs in the Auckland, Waikato & Bay of Plenty areas, You’re welcome to bring the wife, husband, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend and sometimes the dog with you (depending on where we are going/staying)

We quite often stay together as a group for out of town trips, either in the same camp ground, cabins, lodge or book a batch style accommodation, so feel free to ask where everyone is staying and book into the same place to get a better experience.


How to become part of the NZ Jeep Club

  • Fill out the online Membership form in full with details of your Jeep.
  • Come on 2-3 trips. We run one trip a month on average.
  • Be nominated by a current financial member & be approved by the majority of the club members.
  • Have the minimum requirement gear on your Jeep…

Once you are an approved member & have paid your annual club fees, you will be added to the Members Only NZ Jeep Club Facebook page, where most of the information, photo’s, video’s around trips &club events happen. You will get an NZ Jeep Club sticker for your Jeep and be able to buy club merchandise when we do orders. (T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Number plate surrounds  and the like)Thanks for considering the NZ Jeep Club, we hold no responsibility for any modifications you may want to do to your Jeep after coming out with us….

Happy Jeeping.


About you and your Jeep

Have you had your Jeep off-road before

Do you / Have you owned other 4wds before