The New Zealand Jeep Club


The NZ Jeep Club was founded in May 1990 when a group of like-minded
Jeep™ enthusiasts got together to share their love of the
marque and to 4 wheel in a family friendly environment.

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Do you own a Jeep…?
Do you want to get it dirty…?


Have you thought about using your Jeep for what it was originally intended for…. Taking the path less beaten…..
If you would like more information on how to join a Fun, Family Friendly group of people who love their Jeeps and taking them off road…

NZ Jeep Club Videos on YouTube

Watch our playlist on YouTube for a selection of Members short clips as well as longer edited videos of selected runs.

This will give you a good idea of what we do.

NZ Jeep Club on YouTube

A word from our founder

Like all good ideas, the Jeep Club thought came to me back in February 1990 when one night I couldn’t get to sleep.  Eventually, the thought of a beautiful bush trail appeared in my mind with a long line of vehicles – and every one of them was a Jeep.

My Jeep obsession unknowingly began in the 1970’s with compulsory military training devised by the National Government.  I got stuck in there for the duration and had previously never driven a four wheel drive vehicle – of any type.  Four wheeling a ‘poxy’ old RL Bedford truck down a snow covered 40 degree slope was a typical NZ Army way of saying, “Harden up you lout, and by the way, we were the ones that cut your long hair off.”

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NZ Jeep Club Photos

We share our photos across a variety of social media platforms.
We use Facebook publicly and privately, as well as Instagram. and YouTube

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As our members are spread geographically from north Auckland to Whakatane, we don’t hold meetings unless we are on the trail. we love and respect our Jeeps, but also use them as they were intended to be and that means ‘mud and forests’.

Although we do have several runs a year that have shiny truck options, must runs require Mud Tyres as a minimum.

If all the above sounds like you we would love to hear from you.

Contact the NZ Jeep Club

After reading the F.A.Qs page, you feel the NZ Jeep Club is the right fit you (And you are the right fit for us).

Please note: Even though we are called the ‘NZ Jeep Club’ our members are primarily based between Tauranga & Auckland.
Our Meetings & Runs are focused in this area.

Please fill out the Form/Questions below.
You will get a response from the President in due course.
(we prefer to be in the garage rather than in front of a computer.)

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