NZJC Logo Design

Logos that have been submitted so far.

These will get to be discussed further at the AGM.




























pure-safari-your-logo-hereHi everyone

A few of us were chatting about getting some NZ Jeep club stickers done for our trucks at the last meeting a month ago. It got me to thinking that our current logo is a little dated looking, so figured why don’t we open it up to the members to design a new, a slightly more modern one, one that reflects that Jeeps aren’t just CJ’s made by American motors…. (I can’t believe I just said that) and on our 27th Birthday we can look at the options and see if a change is worth doing?

So heres the go… submit your designs to Chris Harvey before Monday, May 1st. They will then all be posted so everyone can see them for a month, then we will vote at the AGM on Queens Birthday weekend for either a new one, or to stick with the current one…

Something a little bit cool, modern, edgy, NZ & Jeep oriented would be great, we could get stickers, shirts, jackets etc done once we decide on a winner…. I think something that reflects all Jeeps, just not one Style …. Your logo doesn’t have to be print ready, we have the technology & contacts to clean most things up these days … so a good concept can be worked on to get it to a finished product for you.

Happy designing team


Greg Sager – 81 CJ7

Chris Harvey